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  • Somehow we were omitted from yesterday's band announcements. They must be trying to build suspense for the big reveal. ;) ,
  • So much love for Bisbee, AZ, and the folks at Music Fest! We had a magical weekend.,
  • Our Sunday at Music Fest: 1pm Old Bisbee Brewing Co (double set) 5pm Bisbee Grand,

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New Video: “Gateway Drug”!

Marijuana, cannabis, reefer, herb, weed — they’re all names for the “Gateway Drug” in this punkgrass anthem from The Haymarket Squares! Be careful, it could lead to “munchies so intense…

Punkgrass at Crescent Ballroom

We’ve deployed a new weapon, people — the piano. Look out!


  • 04
    Flagstaff, AZ
    Museum Club (with Aaron Watson)
  • 05
    Phoenix, AZ
    Alwun House
  • 13
    Phoenix, AZ
    McDowell Mountain Music Festival Preview at Copper Blues