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The Haymarket Squares are Arizona’s finest purveyors of punkgrass. Righteous anger meets 4-part harmonies and bluegrass instruments for a moshpit hoedown! 


We got our start as a trio in 2009 and have since played more than 500 shows in the U.S., Canada and Europe. We’ve developed a loyal following among folks who appreciate rabble-rousing lyrics wrapped in a catchy melody.


Known for our long sets and short songs, a typical Haymarket Squares show features ecstatic dancing, blindingly fast mandolin, and broad smiles. Who knew changing the world (or at least singing about it) could be so much fun?

New Video: “Gateway Drug”!

Link to "Gateway Drug" video

Marijuana, cannabis, reefer, herb, weed — they’re all names for the “Gateway Drug” in this punkgrass anthem from The Haymarket Squares! Be careful, it could lead to “munchies so intense that you’ll eat Cheetos off the rug.” (Full lyrics below.) Click here to watch the video!

The video was directed by Daniel DeVivo (the award-winning director of “Two Americans”) and shot and edited by Daniel DeVivo and Francisco Flores

We recorded a new version of the song with Jalipaz at audioconfusion. Thanks, Jal!

Much love and thanks to all who helped make this possible, including:
Jason, Garyn, Edie, Joe, Dilcia, Jeff, Meghan, Jill, Kristy, Ian, Ambrielle, Adam, and Wooden Tree House.

Gateway Drug

There is an evil, sprouting up across the land
From northern forests, to the Arizona sand
It looks so harmless, just an unassuming weed
But the side effects are frightening indeed

It leads to laughter, it leads to tears
It leads to scholarly discussions about the songs of Britney Spears
It leads to munchies so intense that you’ll eat Cheetos off the rug
That demon marijuana is a gateway drug

Let’s come together to combat this deadly scourge
Before our children become too weak to fight the urge
We’ll have to give up a few rights to help the youth
Our only hope is that they’ll someday learn the truth

It leads to headphones, it leads to Floyd
It leads to loving the whole world while feeling slightly paranoid
It leads to dangerous activity like unprotected hugs
That demon marijuana is a gateway drug

It’s not without its uses
for civil rights abuses
for scapegoats and excuses
in this war we’re all losers

It leads to pizza, it leads to snacks
It leads to tie-dyed trustafarians and smelly hacky sacks
It leads to hope for chemo patients and no profits left for thugs
That demon marijuana is a gateway drug


Punkgrass at Crescent Ballroom

We’ve deployed a new weapon, people — the piano. Look out!